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Are you ready to TANGO...? Why every Realtor should learn how to dance.

Imagine a couple of dancers taking to the dance floor, ready to dance their choreographed routines at a ballroom dance competition. They know that in order to win they must be perfect on... everything! They must have good posture, execute their steps with clarity, use correct alignments on the floor, have a positive attitude and be creative in the use of space on the floor. They are athletes and performers and everybody is looking at their every move. 

During the dance competition they must be aware of other people on the floor at all times; the judges who watch everybody from the sidelines while taking careful notes, other competitors who will be dancing their own routines. And the biggest and most important part of this scenario: The audience, which is the paying public, those who come to watch the show and be entertained. 

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Everything must work properly and timing is of the essence, (sounds familiar?) Dancing off beat is the greatest sin of all! If you don't dance to the music you are just walking. As the dancing couple follow their choreographed routine, they will run into problems, other dancers will step in front of them and prevent them from executing their steps properly, knowing what to do right away is crucial. The ability of the couple to keep dancing their best regardless of the interruptions is called good "floorcraft." 

The best dancers are those who had clear plans, who regularly practice good technique and who know how to get out of tight spots in an elegant, smooth way. These people also recognize that there are things beyond their control; the music played, the condition of the floor and the judges' marks to name a few. They don't allow those shortcomings to become an issue in their pursue of perfection. Their experience, constant learning and practicing with dedication and attention to details are the key to the highest part of the winner's podium. 

Realtors should know that a real estate transaction is very similar to a ballroom dance competition. All elements are present. The listing agent and the buyer's agent, a couple of experienced, dedicated, professional Realtors are the dancers. The other dance participants can be counted as the appraiser, lender, escrow officer, home inspector, underwriter, coordinator etc. The length of the song is the escrow period, it has a very specific beginning and ending. 

Following our analogy, the judges are the Real Estate brokers or managers from each office. It is to their best interest to make sure every step is executed properly and on time. And finally, the paying public: Our Home Seller and our Home-buyer because without them, nobody dances, nobody gets paid either. We all come together because these two reached and agreement. They are our audience. 

Realtors don't always have to dance like stars, but they better know the steps properly and execute them to perfection, and are able to dance like stars... to the beat of the music, with the right attitude and perfect timing. Yes, they must act like performers, because they are. Taking dance classes could be a challenge for some, but there are great benefits in taking dancing as exercise. Dancing is a sensible way to minimize the negative effects of the stressful days we endure. The same regular dance routines that will help you stay fit, prevent disease and build muscle can also help you better manage stress and be a better Realtor. Ready! Slow... quick quick... slow

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Are you ready to TANGO…? Why every Realtor should learn how to…
Imagine a couple of dancers taking to the dance floor, ready to dance their choreographed routines at a ballroom dance competition. They know that in order to win they must be perfect on… everything! They must have good posture, execute their… more