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Speed Up The Sale of the House! Get a complete Home Inspection BEFORE it goes on the market!

One of the most difficult parts for a Professional Realtor to do, is to have the buyer write an offer to buy a house on an "as-is" condition, without asking the seller to do any repairs at all. The obvious fear of having to spend money fixing items that they did not expect, is a reason why home buyers are reluctant to pay full price on a house they have not inspected. But inspecting a house prior to buying it, is not a feasible possibility either.

But when the buyer is competing with others for the same house, an "as-is" clause on his contract will make a huge difference for the seller when choosing which offer to accept. The seller will always take that offer, instead of one that has an inspection contingency. NBI Home Inspection Reports

Most properties on the market have some deferred maintenance, especially listings that are in foreclosure or are bank-owned. Home buyers would like to know what the true condition of the property is before they buy it, hence the inspection period of about 10-15 days from the moment the offer is accepted. Here is where the seller can  speed up the sale of the house by getting a complete home inspection before putting the house on the market. 

If the buyer reads the home report before writing the offer, then he can waive the inspection period and speed up the closing. These reports should be offered at the property so the buyer can examine them while looking at the house. I suggest EVERY HOME SELLER take the following steps BEFORE the house goes on the market:

  • Order a complete inspection from a local reputable, Professional Home Inspection Company.
  • Call a company that DOES NOT DO OFFER TO PERFORM WORK. Just inspections
  • Choose a company that offers the reports via e-mail. This way it can be disseminated faster
  • The report should include multiple color photographs within the body of the report. These photos, help the average home buyer "see" the problem areas and understand them better.
  • The home report should also include an evaluation of the roof WITH PICTURES INCLUDED
  • A pest control inspection should be done at the same time and a separate report should be issued.
  • The Pest control report should include an approximate cost of all repairs called for.
  • One final but important step: Make sure the inspector has access to ALL AREAS OF THE HOUSE.

Buyers will pay better prices for properties that are in good condition, and only a recent full home inspection report from a Professional Home Inspection Company can tell them that. The cost in the San Francisco bay area for a home and a pest control reports is around $550. If the property is in good condition and those reports confirm that fact, the buyers will probably pay good prices and haggle less.

NBI Home Inspection Reports

The buyer, of course, reserves the right the call his own inspections. This is when the professionalism of the home inspection company the seller chooses comes into place. It must be reliable, stable and professional enough to stand scrutiny. After 25 years of experience I use one of the most Professional companies I know out of Walnut Creek, CA. 1 (800) 466-2466 National Building Inspectors. The photos in this post are from an actual report from NBI.

Home Buyers: don't go at it alone, this company will be your best ally when purchasing a home. Home Sellers: When it comes to disclosing to the buyer the overall condition  of the house, these reports will be your best protection. 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAntonio & Alexia Cardenas • August 17 2009 11:55PM


it is the one of the most  difficult parts for a Professional Realtor...before purchasing any house everyone should have to complete inspect that house would be beneficial for them

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Posted by ajay almost 11 years ago


I totally agree. But sometimes, sellers just don't want to spend the money on any inspections. If I can get them to at least do a pest inspection, then we're at least one step in one direction. One option is to get them to agree to pay out of escrow from their seller funds.

Having inspections eliminates guesswork.

No surprises.

Tell them...tell them...and tell them again.

Posted by Pacita Dimacali, Alameda/Contra Costa Counties CA (Alain Pinel) almost 11 years ago


This was something that we had thought about awhile back.  We had thought to offer it to the sellers as a "perk".  Explained that this would help with a quicker sale of the home, and that when the home sold, we would refund the money.  1/2 would be paid by the agent and 1/2 would be paid by the broker.....  We had also thought of offering an Appraisal to the seller to be paid back at closing... But, they could only choose one...  Appraisal or Inspection...   Never did do it though... But, it was a good idea.


Posted by Susan Thompson (Remax Bell Park) almost 11 years ago

The Reality is that I always order my inspections when I take the listing, I ask the sellers to reimburse me at close of escrow and most of the time they do that. I admit that sometimes I have paid for inspections and then during the tough negotiations I end up paying for them. I will not hesitate to do that because I know how important that is and how much time and effort will save me and the seller knowing in advance what the problems are with the house and how much it will costs to fix them. Furthermore, we ask the Realtor that will bring an offer to include a signed front page of both inspection reports with the offer. We want the buyers to see everything we see and then put it all on the table.


Posted by Antonio & Alexia Cardenas, "The Realtors In Motion" (Alameda County - San Leandro, CA.) almost 11 years ago